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Employer Testimonials

“I have used Absolute Professionals for employee needs for our facility in Odessa. They were very prompt in assisting us with our needs. Very professional and right on target for what I needed. I highly recommend Absolute Professionals for any company struggling to find quality employees. Thank you.”
– Rick Holland., F&R Manager, Globe Energy Services

“Tammy, my compliments on identifying another excellent match for our department and company.”
-Darin Teeman, Oil Works Inc.

“Claudia has worked out to be a good fit and an excellent addition to our team. We can’t thank you enough for your help and expertise in filling this position for us.”
-Joan Robilo, Human Resources, Alamo Resources, LLC

“You saved us time, money and the headache of an endless supply of unqualified applicants. We will certainly utilize Absolute Professionals for all our staffing needs.”
-Faye Bagby, American Financial & Retirement Services

“I have been utilizing the services of Absolute Professionals since January 2010. They assist me with everything from administrative to our shop and field needs. They have always provided us with excellent qualified dependable employees. I would recommend Absolute Professionals to any company in need of temporary or direct hire employees.”
-T. Dan/CFO, Packer Sales & Rental, LLC

Your expertise and discernment of applicants, is a valuable asset. Only the best qualified candidates have been referred to us by you, and that has saved us time and money.
-Lacricia Moore, Billing Manager/H.R. Rep., Odessa, Texas

“Absolute Professionals provided me with exceptional service. ᅠ I was sent a highly qualified candidate who we hired full-time. ᅠ I look forward to building a lasting relationship with them.”
-Lanecha, HR Coordinator, Manufacturing Company.

“The arrangement benefited both the company and the employee because it gave both sides an opportunity to evaluate if there was a fit. ᅠ It worked out for us very well. The staff at Absolute Professionals goes above and beyond every day.”

-Sara, Human Resources Manager, Financial Company

“We have partnered with Absolute Professionals consistently over the past 5 years and find them to be professional and easy to work with. They have demonstrated the ability to find us candidates that not only meet our job requirements, but also flourish within our environment.”

-Susan, VP Customer Service, Oil & Gas Company

“Thank you Tamara for a job well done. I have had the pleasure of working with Absolute Professionals for many years and continue to be impressed. The staff, time and time again, gains my utmost respect in providing the best-qualified candidates for temporary assignments.”
-Jerry, Accounting Manager, Manufacturing Co.

“Absolute Professionals ability to find skilled staff, that also suit our unique corporate culture, is the key to their success with us.”
-Kathy, Administrative Assistant, Supply Chain Co.

I can always count on Tammy finding us the right person for the job, as evidenced by the most recent placement in my own department. The temporary employee stepped into a critical, time crucial project, right in the middle, and never missed a beat.
-Martin S., Human Resources, Non-Profit Organization

Tammy, you have always provided us with temps who have been qualified, knowledgeable and reliable. In fact, some of these temps have become full-time employees. The staff at Absolute Professionals has always been professional, friendly, and easy to work with.
-Marcus, Vice President, Oil & Gas field services company

Tammy, my new job is awesome!ᅠ I love the people, I love the location, and I love the work. I can’t believe how fast getting the job transpired from the time I spoke with you on the phone, until I was hired and then working. My interview with you was very enjoyable.ᅠ You have way of being able to “read” a person and connecting them with people they would enjoy working around.
-Rick Holland., F&R Manager, Globe Energy Services

Candidate Testimonials

“Tammy at Absolute Professionals was instrumental in promoting my resume and experience, which successfully led me to an offer and acceptance of employment.ᅠᅠ She kept me informed of the interviewing process and made suggestions on what employers were looking for in a candidate. She even helped with appropriate responses and what questions to ask in interviews. Tammy answered all my emails and returned phone calls in a timely manner and was upbeat in the interview process even when I was down – this was most definitely appreciated. Tammy was certainly an “absolute professional.”
-David K.

“Since I came to Absolute Professionals, Tamara has been nothing but nice to me. She helped me get a great job. If I know someone looking for a job, I send them to Absolute Professionals because I know they will help them. Thank you, Tamara”
– Christy P.

“I want to thank Absolute Professionals for giving me this opportunity. Most of all, I want to thank Tammy for her very professional, no-nonsense attitude. She worked very fast to get me the position I wanted. I am very grateful and look forward to my new job.”
– Jacob R.

“On the first day we met, Absolute Professionals found me a job. I tell all my friends to go to my recruiter, Tamara, who worked fast and made sure I left with everything I needed to start the job the very next day. I just want to say thank you, Absolute Professionals – especially Tammy!”
– Deidra C.

“Absolute Professionals is great! They help me find a job every time I need one. Thank you for all of your hard work!”

– Manuel R.

“I can always count on Absolute Professionals. They work with my schedule, they are friendly and professional. I can count on them for work, and they can count on me to be there. Tammy is always available to answer my questions.”
– Marianio L.

Thanks to Absolute Professionals, I am financially stable. They have offered me work, and I love my job! I can even count on them in the winter months when work is slow in my industry.
– Renaldo V.

I’m writing to thank Tamara and Absolute Professionals for assisting me on my quest to find a job. I can’t express my appreciation enough. Tamara took less than 48 hours to locate me a job that fits my needs, and for that I am blessed. Thank you all. Absolute Professionals are the best!
-Ivy W.